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Schooner Project Logo Newhttps://schoonerrescue.wordpress.comOur mission is to refurbish old Nova Scotian schooners while engaging our youth and communities in their restorations, heritage and in sail training.


The Schooner Rescue will engage youth (ages 14-30) in heritage boatbuilding skills, traditional seamanship work and sail training.


We are excited to have our first potential schooner of the fleet, Elsie, a 36-foot schooner built in 1967.

Elsie is currently sitting in her owner’s backyard and is at risk of being scrapped.

We need to come up with $5,000 as a starter fund to acquire Elsie, store her properly and get started on her refurbishment. This money will kickstart her rebuild while we get the proper funding to build a boat shed on Nova Scotia’s south shore.

We need your help to get this project started, and to save Elsie from becoming a pile of kindling. Please donate what you can, and get in touch if you want to be involved.

About Us

Our initiative has grown to involve many young wooden boat enthusiasts in Nova Scotia who want to see a bright future for the province’s schooners.

We have a growing need to protect our schooner fleet as our current owners age out. Too many of our schooners have been abandoned, broken up, exported elsewhere, or lay siting in sheds for years at a time.

We will ensure these schooners are being used to engage our youth and communities. Through this program we will aim to build confidence in youth through hands-on heritage skills and sail training, connecting them to history and nature. 

Younger generations have less time and disposable income to put into wooden boats. We are engaging this generation in the Schooner Rescue project so they can carry the torch ensuring our maritime heritage is preserved for years to come.

Meet the team behind this project!

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Please help save our schooners and educate our youth on their building and sailing. Donate to our GoFundMe today.

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